Why Bamboos?

Attracting Top Talent

Our strategy is comprehensive and includes focused efforts to attract and retain the best Approved HealthCare Personnel for our clients. Our ultimate aim is to ensure our clients will receive the greatest possible exposure to the best quality Approved HealthCare Personnel.

Perfect Match

A perfect match of client and the serving personnel requires paying close attention to details. The matching approach of Bamboos is guided by professionalism and an understanding of the clients’ needs. We carefully evaluate the qualification of Approved HealthCare Personnel to determine their suitability for each opportunity.

Understanding Your Needs

Bamboos is the leading healthcare staffing solution expertise in Singapore. We offer a broad spectrum of instant and strategic staffing solutions to our clients including hospitals, private hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other healthcare organizations.

Caring with a smile

It’s not what we do as a care provider, but how we do it. All of our nursing and healthcare services are delivered with a smile. And we all know that a smile can be infectious.


Whether you just need someone to take you for a walk or a to provide attentive care, we, as a care provider, can provide an Approved HealthCare Personnel that is qualified to meet your needs.

About Bamboos

Bamboos Professional Nursing Services Pte. Limited (Singapore) is a joint venture between Bamboos Health Care Holdings Limited (Hong Kong), a Hong Kong based investment holding company principally providing healthcare staffing solution and Lippo China Resources Limited, a company principally engaged in property investment, food retailing, healthcare services & treasury and securities investments.

Here in Singapore, we offer a wide range of professional, comprehensive and reliable healthcare staffing services, including private nursing staffing solutions as well as institutional health care staffing solutions.

By embarking on this joint venture, Bamboos Professional Nursing Services Pte. Limited thrives on the synergy between two powerhouses, to providing our clients with the best services and strategic healthcare staffing solutions.

Being a trusted multi-specialty expertise, Bamboos is committed to service excellence and continuous performance improvement. We embrace the Three Cs core values – Care, Competence and Commitment.

As a community health care services provider, we remain attentive to the health and well-being of those we serve. Bamboos maintains high standards of services offered by collaborating with the best healthcare personnel, including Licensed Nurses, HealthCare-Givers, Physiotherapists, Confinement Nannies, Babysitters and more in time to come. In addition, Bamboos aims to build a healthier community. We devote substantial effort to advance the quality of health care services in Singapore and promote public awareness about health issues.

Care: We care for each person in our community with compassion, understanding and deep respect. We also seek to build a professional team with a positive contribution to society.

Competence: We uphold professional integrity and insist on high standards of services.

Commitment: We genuinely care about our clients. We are committed to our standards of service excellence and dedicated to exceeding the expectations of those we serve.

Our HealthCare Personnel truly care

Certified & Trained

Our team of nurses are registered with the Singapore Nursing Board and have a valid license to practice nursing


Our HealthCare Personnel declares to be free from any infectious disease.


Our nurses have experience in the hospital wards and caregivers have underwent professional training to be qualified


All our HealthCare Personnel are locals as we support the localisation of healthcare work


We filter our applicants through in-person interviews and reference checks to ensure that you and your loved ones are getting the best help possible.

Frequently asked questions

Does having home care result in a loss of independence?

No, our HealthCare Personnel are not only there to assist your loved ones in their daily activities but also to provide companionship which is essential in creating a healthy and happy lifestyle. They are an extra pair of helping hands to you and your loved ones and will assist your loved ones in areas that are outside the boundary of what they can do alone.

How can I trust a nurse or caregiver in my home?

In Bamboos, our team of HealthCare Personnel are kind-hearted individuals who are committed to give the best care to your loved ones. The person going to your house is trained and is there to help with your care needs. The HealthCare Personnel should be in your sight and within hearing range if you are at home with your loved ones. Otherwise, status updates via WhatsApp can be provided if you are not at home with your loved ones.

How does Bamboos attract the best HealthCare Personnel?

Originating from Hong Kong, Bamboos is committed to provide excellent service to the community. Our core values are Care, Competence and Commitment:

• Care: We seek to build a professional team and make positive contributions to the aged and sick in Singapore.

• Competence: Our Licensed Nurses are registered with the Singapore Nursing Board and our HealthCare-Givers are trained in caregiving. Not only that, face-to-face interviews are conducted to know them better as a person.

• Commitment: We genuinely care for our clients and only select the best for them.

What if we do not like our HealthCare Personnel?

We are sorry to hear this but if you are unsatisfied with your allocated nurse or caregiver, do give us a call immediately and we will assist you in choosing the next HealthCare Personnel to best serve your needs.

Will we have a choice in selecting the HealthCare Personnel?

The selection will be based closely to your needs and we will select the most appropriate Licensed Nurse or HealthCare-Giver who will be a valuable help to your loved ones.

What is the process of finding a caregiver?

In 3 steps, you will be introduced to your friendly HealthCare Personnel who best fits your needs.

1. Send us a message using the form on this page or call our hotline and our friendly team will assist shortly

2. Tell us your needs and when you want it

3. We will shortlist the HealthCare Personnel that best fits your needs

Get a free care consultation with our care advisors.

Please complete the contact information below and let us know your needs. We will get in touch with you shortly.

  • Step 1

    Send a message using the form on this page and our friendly team will be glad to assist with a free care consultation over the phone.

  • Step 2

    Request for a brief home visit from our HealthCare Personnel from as low as $40.

  • Step 3

    Your personalised package with us will be established and we will introduce you to our friendly Approved HealthCare Personnel.